Daddy's Girl

Monday, November 13, 2006

"Daddy's Girl" makes a splash at the NY Int Film Festival

Horay, we made it! I want to thank all of you who came out to support us. I was told we had the largest cast turnout of any film in the festival. That is a testiment to your dedication and I really appreciate it. Much thanks to Kevin, Sophie, Lauren, Elizabeth (a great surprise-forgot she was at NYU), Angie, Karen, Mike, Kendra, Jennifer, Brooke, Matt, Mike, Stepahnie, all the parents, friends, family, and of course to all of you who could not make it; you were there is spirit and we all felt your good wishes.
I met Ron Perillo a star of "Welcome Back Kotter", a TV series from the 70's. We had a great meeting and he was in town promoting a movie based on the TV show which will be filmed at Paramont in a couple of months, for those who know, he will play Mr Woodman and Ice Cube will play Mr Kotter- sounds real fun and I wished him the best of luck. I also met Larry Holmes, the heavyweight champion of the world; great guy and the producers of his movie appeared to wrap up a deal with HBO right in front of my eyes (pretty cool).
So what about us? Good question, well, I met with many people who do publicity, arrange for investors, casting agents and the like. I also met with a woman who works for verizon in the VOD devison, the hottest market right now. For those of you who gave me your portfolios, I did pass them on to some of these people so you may be getting a call; I will also follow up too, I took lots of notes. For me, meeting other directors was great, we all seemed to understand each other without having to explain anything. Since the odds were long with so many entries, I think we all were more focused on meeting each other and sharing ideas than with actually coming back with some oak leaf clusters. From these other directors, I learned of the sound problem in our theater and of the same problems in tape transfer. This is no big deal as the judges use the DVD but it was a shared frustration that in the end of the day mattered far too much to us than the audience.
I am so grateful to all of you; your hard work made the film a success. I will be following up with the contacts I made and hope to have more news down the road.

We now move on to Decmeber 9th, the premiere at Cinemagic. I am working on TV and radio appearances and will keep you updated. I am looking into a Limo and will work on media coverage. I will also look to have each cast member sell at least 10 tickets in advance. I will also have your DVD's at the premeire.

Great Job Everyone! See Ya on the big screen!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Broadway Bound, media blitz to start

Here we have the lovely and gracious Lauren aka Gilda.

Lauren will be down with us in NYC and we will keep our eyes open for Lorne Michaels!

We go to the NY International Film festival with wide eyed dreams and dare we hope to actually get noticed! You guys have such great talent and I am sure something good will happen. Sure wish I had more time to prepare and look more professional; all I can do is hope we are good enough so our shortcomings don't get in the way. For what we had to work with, I think we did a great job and hopefully others will agree too.

I want to thank all of you who are going down to support our movie. I know many of you can't come but you will all be in our hearts.

I really hope we can come back with good news but as I have said already, if we just have a good time, that will be a success too.

This is a great big journey and we should learn a lot form this experieince. I have a radio interveiw on the Woody Woodland show and TV interviews on My TV and NH Chornicle in the works for when we get back home. I have sent emails for NY media but don't expect we will get something this late in the game but hey, ya never know. We would be a great interview, so "un Hollywood", something new and I believe we offer a positive movie that is much needed.

Hang in there guys, keep us in your prayers and maybe just maybe, we will make a splash!

Hey with Lauren there, we will no matter what happens!

Talk to you all soon

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween funraiser fun

I am amased at the great talent we have and how much fun we have doing good things for others. You guys are great, I hope we make it big time at the film festival. Only a few more days, wish us luck everyone! I hope great things to all of you, all this hard work should pay off soon!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Christmas Party after the premeire

Hi Guys, I thought it would be fun to have a party after the premeire. Why don't we do a yankee swap with a cap at $20 for the gift. These are always fun, especially when people with a high number swap out the gift you have. I think we will all be on such a high after the premeire, it would be nice to have all family and friends get together and celebrate a little holiday cheer.

As for the Almost Famous Halloween Party, I need donations of gifts for the raffles. I am putting in a TV and IPOD. Be creative with your ideas. We also need people to decorate on Thursday night from 7-9 (maybe Sophie and Kevin will still be around then, they can't make the party as they are flying to Florida, bummer!), I also need people to man the concessions.

We will have a live radio broadcast, print media and WMUR there so it really is a good chance for you guys to get together for this fund raiser. Lastly keep 12/14 open, we will be presenting the check to the town council around 7 PM so it is another chance to get on TV!

Monday, October 16, 2006

No empty stockings this year

I just got back from a meeting with Zyacorp, the parent company of Cinemagic. I believe we were well recieved and we have a good chance of getting our showing in December. I won't know for sure until Wednesday so you all need to keep your fingers crossed. If we get approved, it will be at 10 AM on Saturday December 9th. I figured we can charge $10 for the tickets and the money we get will go to the town Welfare Department for the Santa Fund. This way, we can fill a lot of stockings this year so in a way, you all get to be Santa. We would also have an event on Decmber 14 where we officially hand the check over and you all get a chance to be on TV!

If all goes well and we get our approval, we could hand out pictures of the cast members as souveniers. Who knows, you might be signing some autographs! I would like to have you guys come to get the pictures taken. I have a new black screen and the camera I have shoots with 13 megapixels so it should look really great. We could also use the white or green screens which will allow any background (I have hundreds to choose from)

This event will be a lot of fun and I am pretty sure it will go as planned but like everything else in life, ya gotta wait until it is official.

Now for the Halloween Party, I will have another marketing meeting this Friday and really need you to come. I will invite another reporter so be ready to be interviewed. I need to get volunteers for set up and clean up details as well as people who can cover the event. I plan to invite WMUR so you definately want to help on this, besides, it is for a good cause, ya gotta give back!

I figure we can start at 7:30 on Friday. Sophie, I still have some of those chocolates you liked, assuming my kids did not snag all of them. I also need to hear from you guys to learn of your schedules. I plan to move on to TV and radio appearances in about 2 weeks.

PS, In case you did not know, Double shot is the band we have for the party,,, they open for the Steve Miller Band,, pretty cool!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Next stop, LA

Here we have the lovey and gracious Jordan. She did a wonderful job with the Robin character. Well, in life, you always need to be three steps ahead. I am already looking forward to the LA festival and plan to attend it too. It is in March so we all have time to save up for the trip. I hope we also get a good turnout for this festival as well. I will try to get a Friday evening showing or Saturday afternoon for LA. If anyone is planning to go to LA, let me know.

As for NY, I have VIP tickets for all who asked for them so that works out good. I want to have a meeting before the NY festival to coordinate hotels and events. I see the schedule is posted for the movies so the events should be listed soon too. The VIP parties state proper dress is required so no jeans, t shirts, etc. Besides, you guys always look your best dressed to the nines. It should be a lot of fun. We are listed for Saturday at 2:05 PM but they took away the schedule and that might change (hope not). I think it is wise to stay from Thursday to say Monday to get the most of the VIP parties. They will have others on Mon-Wed night but I am guessing we should see enough of the same people from Thursday to Sunday to make it work (heck at those rates, I can't really afford much more) Talk to you soon,
PS, more media interviews to come, newspaper, radio, and TV.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Look out Broadway, Here we come!

Well we have a screen time and it was my number one choice. It will be at 2:05 PM on Saturday 11/11/06 on screen 3 at the Village East Cinema, 181 2nd Ave at 12th Street, NYC. It is a 4 -4.5 hour drive to NYC from Merrimack NH so give yourself 5-5.5 hours with traffic. Saturdays are usually not so bad. If you left around 8:30, you should have no problem getting there for the show. Once there, you can check out other film festivals, go to a broadway show (they have a 2 for's line at Times Square) or just go back home after seeing our movie. Now I will be showing it in Merrimack so if you are just coming to see the screening, it is probably not worth it but still, it would be great to have you. We have a meet and greet before and after the show in the lobby area and I suspect that is when a lot of questions are asked and we get to meet some important people. (In life remember everyone is important, you never know who can help you and besides, everyone deserves your best)

I hope to see you all for Friday's marketing meeting at 7:30 PM at my house. We will be making posters to display and have a bunch of other stuff to go over.

PS, I see we have a lot of competition so if we do not come back with any awards, don't loose heart, the fact that we made it to the festival is an award in itself! If you keep that perspective an MEAN IT, well then anything else we might get is just gravy. My secret wish is for at least one of you will "make it", then we can all bask in your reflected shadow and say, yup I worked with her on her first brake out film,,, now that would be cool. It's OK to dream, just remember, this is the time of your life, don't let the dream get in your way of having fun!